Efforts by SAFER71 have brought down the speed limit on HWY 71 from Bee Cave to the Pedernales River.


White ribbons wrapped on trees and streets around the Sweetwater neighborhood during November served as a reminder of the tragic loss of a beloved resident. Members of the newly mobilized Safer 71 organization want to ensure this tragedy is not in vain.

Safer71 is a non-profit comprised of residents of Sweetwater and surrounding neighborhoods. The group aims to achieve a zero-fatality road corridor on SH71 between Southwest Parkway and the Blanco County Line. This stretch of highway has seen 20 auto-collision deaths and 128 serious injuries since 2014.

Working with municipal and county governments, traffic jurisdictions, and local neighborhoods, Safer 71 aims to provide the necessary research, advocacy and outreach programs to ensure that SH71 becomes a road that people can feel safe driving on every day. Their charter focuses on a comprehensive approach to the problems: Engineering, Enforcement and Education.

Safer71 asks that you join the effort by supporting, promoting or volunteering with its efforts.

Visit www.safer71.org to learn more, stay informed on how you can help create a safer community for all residents and travelers on Highway 71.